Baroque Summer Camp



2.-8.7.2022 in Kälviä, Finland

“Possibility to play a lot in good company with excellent teachers!”

“Ensembles, atmosphere, lectures. Professionals and amateurs playing togehter.”

“The atmosphere in the camp was so lovely; supportive and relaxed.”

National summer camp for baroque music and baroque art. The artistic director, violinist Kreeta-Maria Kentala has designed the camp together with an artistic working group. In addition to baroque music lessons, there will be several concerts and both art and music lectures open for all interested. This is the fourth baroque summer camp held in our region, a dream come true for all the baroque lovers far and near. The goal is to share qualified baroque teaching to a wider group of musicians, both those who want to get their first touch into baroque music and those who want to deepen their skills with a baroque instrument.

Baroque summer camp is open for all ages! All you need is to be able to read notes fluently!

You can join the camp with a baroque instrument or with a modern instrument. String players can attend with either a baroque instrument or a modern instrument with a baroque bow. All the wind instruments are baroque instruments. We welcome also beginners to all courses! If you don’t have an own baroque instrument or a baroque bow, please take contact if you need help to borrow one for the camp! Continuo teaching is a perfect match for example for organists who want to expand their continuo skills.

The camp starts on Saturday 2.7. at 20 o’clock and ends on Friday 8.7. with a concert at the Kaarlela Church in Kokkola. We will arrange transportation to and from Kokkola railway station in connection with one specific train upon arrival and departure. The trains will be announced later.

“I love the whole camp and will include it in my summer traditions.”

Baroque courses 2022 – Participation with a baroque instrument or a modern instrument
Kreeta-Maria Kentala – baroque orchestra (A 415 Hz), baroque violin and baroque viola
Elin Gabrielsson – baroque violin and baroque viola
Hannu Vasara – baroque violin and baroque viola
Heidi Peltoniemi – baroque cello  and viola da gamba
Anna Rinta-Rahko – baroque bass and violone
Hanna Haapamäki -recorder and traverso
Anna Starr – baroque oboe
Jaakko Luoma – baroque bassoon
Johanna Laakso – baroque trumpet
Tommi Hyytinen – natural horn and baroque horn
Kajsa Dahlbäck – baroque song
Teppo Lampela – baroque song
Jussi Lehtipuu – baroque song
Mitzi Meyerson – cembalo
Marianna Henriksson – cembalo and ensembles
Eero Palviainen – continuo, lute, baroque guitar and baroque harp
Tea Polso – continuo

Laura Ollberg
Kirill Kozlovski
Anna-Maaria Oramo

Prices 2022

400 € baroque song course
* Includes 4 x 45 min privat lessons including correpetition and daily ensemble working.
320 € all the other courses
* Includes 4 x 45 min privat lessons and daily ensemble working.
70 € full board and lodging
* Includes accommodation in twin rooms in our dormitory and all the meals during the camp.

Application period is from 1st March to 20th May

More information about application and practical arrangements:
Minna Poutanen, Coordinator
+358 44 7250 701

More information about teaching arrangements:
Kreeta-Maria Kentala, Artistic Director
+358 40 565 9803