Application to the Kälviä Baroque Camp

The application period is 1.3.-20.5.2022

You will receive a sms message after the application period is over and the selection process is ready. Invitations to the camp will be sent by email in the beginning of June at the latest. Let’s hope we will see you in Kälviä in July!

Basic information

* Fields marked with a star are obligatory.

*First name and family name:

*Instrument (Strings: baroque or modern. Singers: also register):

*Date of birth:

*Telephone number:

*Street address:

*Postal code and city:

*Email address:

*Musical background:
Tell more about your experience of baroque music and about your earlier music studies, your latest repertoire, orchestra and chamber music experience etc.

Programme plans for the baroque camp (if already known):

Addommodation will be arranged mainly in twin rooms.
Yes, I need accommodation during the campNo, I stay else where

*Animal allergy:
We arrange different dog training courses and these participants stay with their dogs in some of our rooms. Are you possibly allergic to dogs so that you cannot stay in such a room?

Food allergy:
Special diets which are based on medical reason will be arranged. For vegetarians, there is a vegan meal option. Remember to tell if you are allergic to a food stuff as raw, cooked or in any form.

*Permission to share contact information:
I give my permission to share my contact information (name, telephone and email) to the other people coming to the camp in order to create ensembles before the camp.

Additional information concerting my application: