Baroque Summer Camp

Baroque Summer Camp in Kälviä, Finland

Date: 28th June to 3rd July 2020

National summer camp for baroque music and broque art. The artistic director, violinist Kreeta-Maria Kentala has designed the camp together with an artistic working group. In addition to baroque music lessons, there will be several concerts and both art and music lectures open for all interested. This is the second baroque summer camp held in our region, a dream come true for all the baroque lovers far and near. The goal is to share qualified baroque teaching to a wider group of musicians and to offer high-class master classes to baroque instrumentalists. Also, students can observe all teaching during the camp. There will be master classes for cembalo, baroque violin, baroque cello and baroque song. Teaching for modern instruments will be mainly in groups. A significant part of the camp will be the baroque oboe workshop which is open for all oboists interested in baroque music. This summer, you will get a great opportunity to join the baroque dance workshop every morning! Continuo teaching is a perfect match for example for all the organists who want to expand their continuo skills with cembalo and/or organ.

Baroque summer camp is open for all ages! All you need is to be able to read notes fluently.

The camp starts on Sunday 28th June at 20 o’clock and ends on Friday with a concert at 18 o´clock at Kaarlela Church in Kokkola. We will arrange transportation to and from Kokkola railway station in connection with one specific train upon arrival and departure. The trains will be announced later.

Master courses – Participation with a baroque instrument only (A 415Hz)
Mitzi Meyerson, cembalo
Kreeta-Maria Kentala, baroque violin
Lauri Pulakka, baroque cello
Kajsa Dahlbäck, baroque song
Petteri Salomaa, baroque song

Baroque oboe workshop
Anna Starr

Modern instruments (A 440Hz)
Merja Pyrhönen, violin
Anna Pulakka, cello
Julius Pyrhönen, double bass
Pekka Silén, recorder
Annamari Pölhö, cembalo

Tea Polso, cembalo
Jouko Laivuori, cembalo
Eero Palviainen, lute
Jani Sunnarborg, bassoon

Art lectures
Jaana Erkkilä-Hill
Lauri Pulakka

Prices 2020
320 € lessons and board & lodging
260 € lessons only
Application period is from 1st March t0 18th May.

More information about application and practical arrangements:
Minna Poutanen
+358 44 7250 701